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Submitted on
March 15, 2013


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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 15, 2013, 1:32 PM


stuff and stuff

WOAH ok sorry for such a wait ;u; so many entries. so many songs alksdfjalks

so here are the winners B).
winners were decided through how the picture and character matched the song/music, and personal skill


:bulletpurple:THIRD PLACE:bulletpurple:
Saul by Arrevanthas
Character Saul with the song Sleep Isabella
The first thing i thought of with this song and this picture was. NIGHTMARE.
The perspective of the picture.... and the rat. actually gave me quite the scare. The reason i put this picture as third place is because of how well the music itself matched Saul's creepiness. Excellent choice in character, pose.. and rat.

Lyrics of the first chorus - 
"Sleep sleep my Isabella
safely in your carousel
Sleep through the spinning
Just like your beginning
Sleep my child."

:bulletpurple: Melody-Musique $1.50 or 120 points
:bulletpurple: dandandanao - Chibi request
:bulletpurple: Blue-Galewind - 333 points
:bulletpurple: CPM-1993 - Chibi sketch request
:bulletpurple: KissMe-13 - Waist up request
:bulletpurple: PervyPlatypus - 1 lineart request

:bulletpink:SECOND PLACE:bulletpink:
Family sweet dreams by Aexinh
Family picture (Dmitry, Melody and Tyson), with the song From Y to Y (Clear cover) -…
From Y to Y is not a new song to my ears. But it sounded like a lullaby theme that matched well with the family picture.
I think this picture deserved second place because, hearing that song while looking at the picture gave a 'everything is going to be okay' feeling. Especially with a guy singing the song. 

English lyrics to the first chorus -
"Is this a world that can't even allow hoping? 
Even with just a single lie 
Might give birth to your tears 
I already have piled up countless mistakes 
Those were when I held your hands 
And when I gently stood by your side"

:bulletpink: Melody-Musique - $8 or 640 points
:bulletpink: dandandanao - Head shot request
:bulletpink: Blue-Galewind - 333 points
:bulletpink: CPM-1993 - Inked portrait request
:bulletpink: KissMe-13 - Full body request
:bulletpink: kuku88 - Full body request up to 3 characters
:bulletpink: lily1991 -  1 character request with background
:bulletpink: PervyPlatypus - 1 request

:bulletred:FIRST PLACE:bulletred:
MelodyMusique Contest Entry - Come little Children by CidSin

Inuyasha OC Rena, with the song Come, Little Children -…
Rena is the silent but deadly. Hearing this song while looking at this picture, although the song is really soft, i though it  truly matched Rena's murderous personality with the darkness of the song. I really thought this deserved first place for how much impact it had. Come, Little Children, and my character Rena were a perfect match.

Lyrics to the first chorus -
"Come Little Children
I'll Take Thee Away, Into A Land
Of Enchantment
Come Little Children
The Time's Come To Play
Here In My Garden
Of Shadows"

:bulletred: Melody-Musique - $15 Cash or 1200 points
:bulletred: dandandanao - Full body request
:bulletred: Blue-Galewind - 333 points
:bulletred: CPM-1993 - Full body picture with background
:bulletred: KissMe-13 - Couple/group request
:bulletred: ethereal-dancer - Full body request
:bulletred: AuraGemi - Headshot request
:bulletred: megaringo - Headshot request
:bulletred: kuku88 - Full body request up to 4 characters
:bulletred: vyen8936 - Chibi request
:bulletred: lily1991 - Request up to 3 characters with background
:bulletred: 3xEverfrost - 20 points
:bulletred: PervyPlatypus - 2 requests

if you guys can advertise as well that'd be awesome :D

Entries ♥68♥

:thumb359678260:Saul by AnnieHorror.:CE:. Kevin - From Can To Can't by xlShinnAsakuralx[Melody] If I Die Young... by Cross-Angel-ChanEmpty little Qualia by cheesepikaDmitri/Abstract Nonsense by shirokuro48Song Contest Entry by DemonRenXContest Entry: Valeriya - Drop it! by theladywithglassesJasmine by Jemasbeekyentry for Melody-Musique's contest by lil-schadenfreud:thumb360297320:OC character Koko contest entry by Animeloverforever21Melody-Musique Contest Entry by lily1991:thumb360569070:Contest entry: Melody by FluffyPippin:thumb360807182::thumb360823103::thumb360816979::thumb361008408:Already Over by star27fireour fate by SUICIDE-SHOUJOCE: Melody Scissorhands by PervyPlatypus:thumb361133237:Just Be Friends (Entry for Melody-Musique) by KikidoThe End of a Failed Dreamer by rahas3CE: Koko ERROR by PervyPlatypusJasmine(Entry for Melody-Musique's OC contest) by Symphona750OC character Melody contest entry by Animeloverforever21Rena (Entry For Melody-Musique's Contest) by SigfriedofgaeaYou Are My Drink by rahas3Soul by SloppyJoe7Contest Entry - Envy Catwalk by LuckyChester:thumb362127780:Melody - Dimitry in Spring by narusehikariMelody - Everybody Scream Your Heart Out by Bwsr3Valeriya - Little Baby Cat, So High, So Fly by Bwsr3Melody: contest entry, song:wave by amethyst3551Contest entry for Melody-Musique by Puella-Magi-KyokoMelody OC Contest Entry by ObsessedWithShinyMelody- Contest Entry by azuriin:CE: When I Find My Wings :2: by kuku88:thumb364704125:CT- Melody-musique by MitsukoBunny-chanMelodyMusique Contest Entry - Come little Children by CidSinI have no fingers.... by Izumilovesanimece: saul by creepyicebox:thumb365499941::thumb365604137:Safe and sound CE by 3xEverfrostFamily sweet dreams by Aexinh:thumb365707155:Dusk by Hell-fire-666Romeo and Cinderella-Bass Drop by richtofenluvrEntry for melody-musique contest: Goodbye My Lover by anichan7[Contest Entry] Riposa in Pace by Yoko-tanKoko~contest entry~ by Shiori5436:CE: I Like It LOUD by kuku88The Bravery by bestspangyaSaul by ArrevanthasMelody and Dmitry by saryokoThe one left stand alone gives flowers to the past by kokorohane:thumb365905561:Saul by MaxriaContest Entry Ending April 15 12:00 CST by HPepical

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Yoko-tan Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ahh well, I still hope you liked my entry and song choice, even if didn't win ; A ;
Melody-Musique Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
every picture looked so nice ;u; i love all of them
Yoko-tan Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
oh yay, I'm glad it made you happy at least :iconba-kyunplz:

Do you think you could help me by commenting on mine, by any chance? Something feels off about it bit I'm not quite sure what, and it's really kinda bothering me... :iconarigatouplz:
SloppyJoe7 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
congratulations to the winners! Nicely done.
Melody-Musique Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
thanks for entering ;u;
SloppyJoe7 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
No problem, It was fun. :)
AuraGemi Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congrats to the winners! All the entries were amazing! :D
Sigfriedofgaea Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Man, competition is rough! Then again, there were multiple things wrong with my submission...

I had viewed that first place entry before, and thought to myself, "This one looks like a winner!" Well... guess what happened? :XD:

Either way, it was fun, and I will still draw Rena and Runa... :D
Melody-Musique Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
thanks for entering :)
Sigfriedofgaea Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! It was an honor!
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